To add spare parts

Nodes used in automotive parts are designed to work in the ideal interaction and provide certain properties, including strength and durability.

When it comes time to carry out vehicle maintenance, spare parts, thanks to the high standards and quality of the materials will ensure that the car will be held as planned by the manufacturer – as safe and reliable as new.

Which is in a situation where the car, and especially the one who has finished with the manufacturer’s warranty, needs to be rectified, the owner of the car is faced with a dilemma – continue to use original spare parts or search for cheaper alternatives .

Practice shows that non-original spare parts at a lower cost has led to immediate cost reductions, but the owner of a long-term car has made an unnecessary risk, as a result of which may lead to larger unplanned costs as well as a drop in security .

Experience shows that non-original spare parts wear out faster, which means instead of having to buy new ones and spend time visiting a service center. A free, poor quality can cause harm to the entire society. For example, manufactured in accordance with the lower standards axlebox arm suspension can lead to accelerating wear of the suspension and non-original defect natyagivatelya belt can cause expensive to eliminate engine failure. The use of original spare parts virtually eliminates this risk, moreover, spare parts are not always more expensive alternatives.
Instant access

On the exhibited models of which are now in production or production of which it was recently discontinued, all the necessary maintenance materials and most of the details are available immediately from the shares of an official representative of the company.