The choice of a linen tablecloth, linen tablecloth to buy in the online shop

Linen tablecloth – almost a compulsory compartment inside every interior – whether holiday house or apartment, a restaurant or café, a luxury hotel or a small hotel.

By type of weaving bedding, table linen can be divided into jacquard tablecloths and tablecloths with canvas binding. Jacquard pattern weaving is formed by a complex braid of threads. Jacquard linen tablecloths are very durable, have a greater density compared to tablecloths with canvas binding. Jacquard as “expensive” material.

Canvas binding – standard and simplest form of weaving. This is perhaps the most common weave in which the right and wrong are from the same look. Often linen tablecloths with canvas binding are printed (printed) patterns or embroidery.

Linen tablecloths and jacquard and canvas binding can have a special kind of surface – the frayed at the edges. Hollow hem – a special kind of embroidery, fine embroidery sewing. Hollow seam gives a linen tablecloth special, exclusive look. Tablecloths with openwork linen buy much more expensive colleagues without this kind of surface.

A wide selection of tablecloths presented in our online shop linen products. Linen tablecloths and napkins – you can buy for such a low (without fabric) and dining set a tablecloth linen. Enjoy your shopping!