Selection of women’s shirts and blouses

Blouse – the main element of the women’s wardrobe. It is combined with trousers, with strict suits, skirts and jeans. So, how to choose a blouse or shirt that will look great, long to be worn and combined with many other elements of the wardrobe?

When buying a blouse, one of the important points is the choice of fabric. It depends not only on what it will be (light or warm), but also how the blouse will look (officially, solemnly, etc.). If you need a blouse or a shirt for a business suit, silk or dense cotton will fit, which keep your appearance during the day, and you will feel comfortable. Natural satin and silk are suitable for elegant blouses, they look great when lit in the evening.

You need to choose, given the style, because it depends on him, in which cases you can dress this or that model. Consider what you need to pay attention.

From the depth and shape of the cut depends on what you can wear a shirt or blouse. A deep neckline is not allowed in the office, but rather suitable for the evening. If you need a blouse or shirt as a set for a suit, then a fitted and strict feminine model will do. Also, you need to pay attention to fasteners: buttons or rivets, zippers, front or back or lacing. When choosing, remember, the more the clasp looks more catchy, the more difficult it is to pick up something from other things to a blouse or shirt. For office blouse or shirt with a symmetrical design fits more. Asymmetric models look more effective, but not all cases are suitable.

Which is better: buy a large number of inexpensive blouses and have a great choice, or do you look at a couple of expensive ones and be calm for quality? It depends only on your wallet and lifestyle. Get some better quality and expensive models, classic style and neutral colors, which will suit your favorite trousers and a strict skirt. They will be an ideal solution for your wardrobe and will last you much longer.