Secrets slender legs: how to choose pantyhose

How to choose stockings century mid-century women managed to escape socks, belts and should wear warm winter tights. It was then invented pantyhose. The fashion industry has evolved considerably since that time. Now tights have become not just an accessory or garment, and often forming element which forms the entire image style. Classic fantasy correction – they help women look graceful, elegant and sexy.

What guided the choice

tights choice must take into account the density, color, model, order. Denah density of states, often produce tights 15-220 den. The 20 to 1 thin transparent stockings that are suitable for hot weather. Gore, toe and heel of these models are sealed, sometimes they ply cotton for greater hygiene and hygroscopic. Socks can be packaged in envelopes or boxes. The former are more expensive, because their smooth before packing, the second – no.

Socks can be landing high and low, with shorts and no. The model is chosen according to the type of clothes, under which it intends to carry. Thus, in accordance with items not wear pantyhose with low waist high landing and a short skirt models do not wear shorts. Classic black tights and colored considered. They are universal, they are worn with business suits, skirts and pants of any kind. Fancy mesh models with colorful patterns and go well with sleek and elegant clothes.

Special models of tights

Corrective tights especially worth mentioning. Manufacturers have offered a variety of options:

– Size;
– Modeling;
– Anti-cellulite;
– Compress.

There are special treatments and preventive protivovarikoznye tights with compression effect. Slimming models impregnated oils, caffeine, menthol, skin smooth legs help reduce the “orange peel” on the hips. tights modeling very interesting. They become very popular in recent years because they allow you to change the shape and proportions of the figure.

Winter models are usually very dense – 50 den. There termokolgotki of natural and synthetic fibers, which can be worn even in severe frost. They are well retain heat, especially when combined with the footwear and membrane isolated special underwear. When buying such models need to carefully select the size, since they often malomeryat. Be sure to consult with suppliers to buy and figure out what size correspond tights grid.

When choosing tights define its objectives and priorities and pick up the exact model that will be the most convenient approach for a selected set of clothes. Size should match the height, weight, hip size. If tights and a little less strongly stretched, they can explode and leave arrow. Too much pattern “with reserve”, will gather ugly folds, sliding and prevent that too will lead to rapid deterioration. Choose the right tights and wear with pleasure!