Red pants can wear safe clothing horizontal stripes

The red color looks great in duet with beige. Especially the combination is suitable for creating romantic image filled with femininity and tenderness. comfortable apartments beige ballet shoes, red trousers and a beige blouse is very well combined easily separated from each other. Handbag should be selected so that his tone was a bit darker than the shirt.

red pants can wear safe clothing horizontal stripes, made in black and white. Thin striped knit sweater and red pants are ideal for creating fashionable ensemble that can be filled with black court shoes in a classic style.

The same tendency is considered to be a combination of red and white. The image in such colors always gives a very fresh and light. red pants can be easily worn and loose white shirt with long shirt. The coldest days of the week will show a cardigan knitted well. Shoes and the bag can also be made in a white color.

Young lovers will enjoy a combination of red and blue jeans classic denim shirts. Wear this shirt complete with a light-colored shirt, tying it on his stomach in a knot carelessly. Loafers, sneakers or ballet – a wonderful selection of shoes for the whole. When choosing a bag is to give preference to a volume model.