Pros synthetic pillow options

Budget option synthetic filler. The pillows filled with synthetic filling do not start ticks, and therefore they do not cause allergies and does not smell. Also, sinteponovye pillows can be washed safely in the washing machine. They retain all their performance characteristics for 7-10 years.

One of the most popular synthetic filler, which is a soft, fluffy balls of synthetic fibers. Filled komforelyu hypoallergenic pillows, they are easy to wash and retain their shape well.

Synthetic filling 100% polyester with high hygienic and thermal insulation properties. Consisting of hollow balls holofayber does not slide down and does not slip. Cushion life give them holofaybera 7 times longer than airbags service with other synthetic fillers. Cushions filled holofayberom, suitable for people with asthma and allergy symptoms. They also have good anatomical and orthopedic characteristics: easy to take the shape of the head and neck, fast tensions from the muscles. Holofayber wash-resistant and dry cleaning.

Cushion filled with polyester-hollow-fiber polyester, which becomes soft and elastic after silicising. The more whip silicone pad, the higher it gets. Silicone pads are comfortable and safe, so it is recommended to use also for children. Silicone filler is good that he can quickly recover its shape after compression, not raspolzetsya and not break, good respiratory and does not cause allergies.