Oil level indicators at prices

In the oil level shaft, every driver can find a useful tool to control many areas of the oil circuit with a simple hand movement. Once the engine compartment is raised, the oil level rod can be pulled out of the round ring, clearly indicated. Undeterred to get into contact with oil and dirt, many drivers prefer not to. Although at each refueling station you can find paper towels near the fuel pump and the time it takes to do this is minimal, oil level control is only rarely performed.

One argument in favor of this alleged laziness is the presence of a warning light on the dashboard, which warns when the minimum level has been reached. However, unexpected things might happen in the meantime. The oil spout not only shows the amount of oil but also its status. Color indicates whether the oil is still clean or already contaminated. If the surface of the rod is covered with bubbles, this means that the amount is excessive and that the crankshaft swims in the oil producing foam. Since bubbles cause the oil to heat up too much, this could result in poor lubrication of the pistons inside the cylinders. In order to avoid such problems, the oil dipstick should be checked for every fifth refueling. Meanwhile, it is also useful to fill the wash water tank and check the coolant status.

If these operations become a routine, the performance of the car will always be optimal. If the oil dipstick is lost, as a substitute, look for an original, made available by the often manufacturer. The exact measurement is only possible when the length of the oil dipstick is perfect. Our online shop offers a wide range of spare parts (for example, oil cooler, car body panel, coupler bar, dust cover kit, etc.) for most of the most famous automotive brands.