Most suitable for full costumes


If your hands are modestly overweight, try not to wear large, exaggerated or bulky bracelets because they make them even better. In your case, thin bracelets that have a flat shape will look best. These bracelets are the ones that will give grace to your hands.

In addition, when choosing accessories, give preference to those who will help you visually enlarge your silhouette. In such ornaments, it is possible to wear shades of bright colors that lock free of any worries. Also, help to prolong the figure and long chains or beads, they draw attention to them, taking your eyes off your figure. Use large and bright decorations, as well as clothes, just to pay attention to your dignity, keeping your eyes out of troubled areas.

The most ideal for a complete figure costume suit, or even better a three piece costume. And it does not matter, with pants or a skirt, complemented by a vest and jacket are advantageous to accentuate strengths. In this kit, you can let yourself put a blouse of bright colors, while the costume should be neutral and calm colors.