Male etiquette: advice on choosing clothes

According to etiquette, there are many rules for choosing clothes for men. After all, a man’s suit is a visiting card, especially in the business world.
Suit and jacket

Every man in his wardrobe is required to have several suits for different occasions. Also it is not recommended to wear the same suit for 2 consecutive days.

The texture and density of ties should fully correspond to the density and texture of the cloth of the suit. All the components of the costume of a man should be matched in one style. Sports type suits, combine with shirt, shoes and other accessories in a sporty style. If you wear a classic suit, shirt, tie, shoes should also be sustained in a classic style.

In the summer, give preference to light suits, except when you need a dark suit with a dress code.

When you choose a jacket, pay attention to the shoulders that should exactly match your own. Do not buy a jacket where the width of the shoulders is shorter or longer than your own.

Suit, masculine etiquette, outfit The jacket should completely cover the wrist, but do not allow it to reach the base of the thumb.

The lower edge of the jacket should be on the same level, where the fingers of a freely lost hand end.

Choose a jacket that fits your figure. It should sit well on you:

If you want to emphasize the figure, buy a fitted jacket.
To give the figure a more impressive look, choose your double-breasted jacket.
For fat men, one should choose a jacket of free styles that will not focus attention on the waist and shoulder lines.
An extended jacket suits only tall men. Also for high men a jacket with wide lapels and double-breasted jackets is well suited.
For men of short stature, you need to choose a jacket with an overstated waistline and two buttons. The jacket should be single-breasted.

According to the rules of etiquette, it is not allowed to take off a jacket in public. This can be done only in cases when under the jacket you have a vest on.