In the car is the air filter, used for optimizing the composition of the mixture of fuel and air

The cleaning air inside the passenger compartment is, instead of the primary function of the passenger compartment filter. The air filter has a filter medium which has the task of not allowing the particles in a state of the suspension to reach the intake tract and the collector. But since most of the suspended particles themselves attach themselves to the water molecules in the air, the filter also has a dehumidifying effect. Therefore, the filter medium is almost always paper. The moisture separators used in the past have never been proven to the job.

In the case where the car is often giudata in a very dusty environment, it is recommended to use an additional air filter. It is also important that each of these two filters is equipped with its own filter medium. A secondary filter with dense paper is particularly efficient, especially with the very small particles. When folded, the paper can cover a larger area, more dust collection without too quickly clogging the filters. An alternative would be to use foam material to block even the finest dust. The maintenance should be carried out at regular intervals, as only a pure mixture that can optimally ensure the engine performance. Some drivers are of the opinion that you can do without air filters to achieve a higher performance. In this case account must be taken of the fact that the mixture will be very contaminated, which will inevitably result in the wear of the press valves. In addition, the emission values ​​will also be adversely affected. E ‘so that even the intervention of the fuel filter will not help.

The air filter is installed downstream of the injection valve in the suction funnel downstream of the injection valve. Thus, the suspended particles can not contaminate the entire area. The air cleaner location can be easily identified, which is why maintenance or replacement is not a problem. In our online shop you will find a large selection of spare parts (eg air conditioning pipe, mudguard, grille, tie rod, bonnet, etc.) For many automarken.