How to choose a tie for a suit and a shirt

The problem of selecting ties under a shirt or a real costume for men of any age. However, while the man is still going to kindergarten or primary school (and sometimes secondary), it is mostly my mother’s care, pick up accessories so that the favorite child looks positively and aesthetically pleasing and at the exit in the 11th grade, and even in the kindergarten.
The material in this article, I tried to make the most successful variants of color registration patterns and the linen and costume ties. We hope this information will be the most useful to you.

Rules for combining a tie with a shirt and a suit

There’s never too many ties in a man’s closet. But in a strictly harmonious look, you have to adhere to certain rules of color combinations, design and tie pattern with a suit or a t-shirt. Moms have to remember simple tie rules combined with t-shirts and suits, then the choice will be as simple as possible, and in addition, the child will get used to the fact that he has always been clothed immaculately.