For the proper use of the air conditioner

The “ten commands” for the correct use of the air conditioner – Avoid the most common mistakes As the use of the air conditioner in homes and shops is often constant and intense in the summer months, we should be aware of some basic rationalization rules.

By following these simple steps, you can achieve not only improved conditions inside the air-conditioned space, but also savings in consumption while stopping to burden your health in the name of thermal comfort.

1. We make reasonable use

Of course, we use the air conditioner only when it is absolutely necessary, that is when the alternative ways of cooling can not cover us or if we belong to vulnerable groups. It is good when the conditions in the room are satisfactory and of course when there is no one in the room to shut down the machine completely, and if we open it at night we close it shortly before sleep or schedule it to be closed by a timer.

2. Correct temperature adjustment

The basic and inalienable principle is that the air conditioner’s thermostat must always be set to the temperature we would ideally want to prevail in our space. By putting the thermostat in extreme temperatures, all we do is waste of energy while space is not cooled (or warmed up) faster.

The thermal comfort conditions in a room are always between 20 and 27 ° C, and there must be no great temperature differences (greater than 6-10 degrees) between the interior and the exterior, as our sudden transition to the outside temperature overwhelms our organization. Inside the room there must be a sense of coolness in the summer and warm in the winter, not to end up with summer jackets or naked in the winter.

3. We always combine natural ways of cooling

It is good, both for our pocket and for our comfort, to try to integrate in our everyday life and natural ways of cooling, along with the use of the air conditioner, with the main natural shading of the rooms that are air-conditioned during the day. Shut up shutters, blinds or curtains, lower awnings so that the space is protected from direct sunlight, especially at lunchtime.

In this way the cooling of the spaces is faster and more economical. At the same time, we could also use a local fan, if it exists in the room, which generally consumes small amounts of energy, but it helps us considerably in the air conditioning of our room.