coated laminate has the following advantages:

Installation is very simple, thanks to special locks;
Laminate not afraid of any mechanical opterećenja.To is not pressed through markings heels, furniture and claws of pets;
heat resistance
The material is not afraid of accidentally uronennye cigarettes or candles;
not remain stains
All spills or other pollution easily washed off;
The area has a good seal, so that they do not collect dust and bacteria.

However lacquered laminate has its disadvantages, which must be taken into consideration when choosing a flooring:

water resistance
The material has a very low resistance to moisture, so it is not practical for the room with high humidity;
zvučnost.Laminat “walk”, so if you fall on it a subject of a lot of noise;
environmentally unfriendly
Unlike wood parquet, laminates made from natural materials do not. However, all materials and substances used to produce, it is absolutely not dangerous for human health.

Important! Because of the bad perception of material moisture, it should be cleaned only with a damp cloth, and in any case no steam cleaner.
painted or not?

Often the question arises whether the lacquer can be laminated? On the one hand, the manufacturer’s instructions indicate that it can be done. This is due to the fact that the film-coated polyurethane, and again laminate lacquer will be superfluous, a new coat of paint will fall ill and become flaky. In addition, the coating is “floating”, that is, it changes the physical properties, depending on temperature and humidity. In this sense, easy on the joints eventually crack and worsen the appearance of the floor.

Tip! Lacquered new laminate is not necessary, since it is already protected surface and the coating are mixed so that the “recovery”.

So whether you cover lacquer laminate? Yes, it can be done in order to cover the glossy shine and hide minor imperfections and scratches, if the floor has long been used. In some cases, this practice is justified. But one must not forget that it is possible to varnish the laminate, which is designed specifically for this material.