Clothing has its own story

More recently, we have elements of the quilted material associated only with winter warm jackets and pads and the most fashionable of us – even with the iconic handbags Dior and Chanel. But today the crucial catwalks of the world dictate the opposite: quilted things this season started the trend.

The wadded clothing has its own history, the beginning of which is due to ancient China. When first the two cut fabrics and insulation interspersed, sewn in neat stitches, as lining under any of the clothing, then 2017, designers do not offer us hiding. In the collections of Stella McCartney, Chanel, Isabel Marant and many other fashion brands all kinds of coats and jackets made of quilted material were presented. In addition, we even noticed quilted skirt and jacket: warming to wear stylish clothes, we offer brands such as Alexander Wang, Christian Dior, Kenzo, Miu Miu and others.

Fashion for quilted things in the hands played because what could be better than a successful combination of comfort and fashion? Warm, practical and beautiful – all that you easily combine in their autumn bows this season.
outer garments

Perhaps quilted outerwear we can not be surprised: coats and jackets of the sewn material almost everyone. And what about the other elements of the wardrobe? Designer Fall 2017, we offer attention to quilted skirts, pants to pay and even dresses.